Medical Providers Standing Strong Frisco Plano DFW Texas

Standing Strong Against COVID-19

Our medical providers & staff, virtually and in-clinic, standing strong against COVID-19.

Our office has switched over to virtual visits / TeleHealth for follow-up visits and consultations, and at this time we have postponed EMG and Neurotrax testing as non-essential. We have restarted these services as of mid-May.

Of note, NTINH continues to maintain our patients’ neurotoxin (Xeomin, Botox, Dysport, Myobloc) injections, and our Acute Center for Headache Emergency (ACHE) remains fully operational to keep our patients out of the Emergency Departments and hospitals at this critical time. Also, Frisco Imaging Center continues to provide MRI and CT scans.

North Texas Institute of Neurology & Headache is PROUD to announce that, in an effort to do our part for the local community and our colleagues on the frontlines of COVID-19 treatment, we are opening the doors of our ACHE center and imaging center to external patients referred over for treatment / imaging. We are happy to offer up our staff and resources to the community. NTINH is committed to doing all we can to keep community members from having to rely on our already burdened hospitals for treatment / imaging. Our providers and staff recognize the importance of access in the medical field. Therefore, we will continue to do all we can to be there for the community and its members in this challenging and unprecedented time.