Tracie Silva is a Licensed Professional Counselor with Masters of Science in Counseling (2010) from Southern Methodist University and is working on a Ph.D. at Texas Women’s University in Family Studies.  Previously, Tracie worked as a teacher in Canada and specialized in Behavioral and Learning Issues as well as Educational Diagnostics. She has used that background since 1990 to help understand patient history.

Tracie loves seeing patients develop an initial sense of hope for an improvement in their conditions, as well as seeing the gains they make during treatment. Patients are often surprised that counseling can support them improving quality of life for those with migraines, fibromyalgia, temporary stressors, and neurological conditions as it is often perceived as only useful for mental health issues. Tracie provides life skills useful to anyone wanting to improve any aspect of daily living.

Tracie came to NTINH because she believes very strongly in collaboration with other practitioners.  Wellness comes from implementing various resources, and by working together, patients benefit from a holistic, caring, team approach with a shared belief that all providers are collectively invested in patient success. Collaboration between providers allows for the development of a customized treatment plan tailored to each patient, with the specializations of each provider included.